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Oleron island family house

Discovery : "A nineteenth century house - farm winery of Oleron island, in the heart of Oleron tipical village, with an huge potential.

A house full of history, turn by a blacksmith farrier, became a family oyster farmers from father to sons for generations.
We have put together the house and the farm winery. Thinking, transform and convert the new volumes, into "real" modern living spaces.

"Nothing is created, everything is transformed"

A desire to keep tracks of the past in this resolutely contemporary renovation, adapted to our way of life of today.

After a year of restoration whithout interruption, the processing has transformed the bourgeois house and its farm-winery into a family house « maison de famille », with modern living spaces, bright and easygoing, where everyone can have their private space.

This house became the showcase of our expertise. This achievement is a testament to the quality of life of the French countryside to the sea : Oleron island.

Enjoy the tour

Anouchka & Laurent

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